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Hosting providers can benefit from a monitoring solution that reports from clients to the provider. Clients act as the eyes and ears of the infrastructure, providing insight into network routing and performance.

  • Crowd-sourced analytics

    Monitoring routing and latency, your business from your client's perspective

  • Tailored Designed

    Our analytics scripts are tailored to your business demands.

  • Balance Scorecard

    Unbiased weekly reporting: infrastructure performance and quality of service.

Non-intrusive infrastructure monitoring with a privacy-first methodology is a novel approach to measuring infrastructure performance. This method ensures that user data remains secure while providing valuable insights into the performance of the infrastructure.

  • Edge Computing

    Running analytics at the network's edge reduces latency and improves performance, in 275 points of presence worldwide.

    • Edge Worker
    • Web Worker
  • Scalability

    Our solution is designed to scale with your demands, benefiting from the hybrid edge, up to 100,000 client nodes a second.

    • No DOM penalties
    • Global Queues
  • Machine Learning

    Not just buzzwords, we use machine learning to improve our data analysis and to infer user geolocation better.

    • Device Correlation
    • VPN Detection

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